The Best Way to Do Running

It is important to know which are the techniques, recommendations and objects to perform any physical activity in optimal conditions.

Having an excellent running technique can be the difference between running in pain and running without pain. Besides, it is not only that. It also helps you to improve your marks or challenges without suffering any injury.

What is the proper running technique?

Since we know how important it is to have the right running technique, it’s time to put it into practice.

First of all, there are beliefs that are not beneficial at all. They say that running with your body leaning forward and supporting your toes will help you run faster.

If you are going to start running, you should try not to make these serious mistakes. Since it is not the right way to run.

The right running technique is based on three goals: running relaxed, naturally and with an upright posture. It should be noted that posture is very important.

Here are some tips for running correctly:

1. You need to keep your head upright and look straight ahead.
2. Keep your neck and shoulders relaxed.
3. Elbows bent at 90 degrees, hands steady, and no listlessness.
4. Body leaning slightly forward.
5. Bend your knees no more than 30 degrees.
6. You must place the entire sole of the foot.

Which type of shoes is the best form for proper running technique?
The footprint and your running style is very important. Because of this, you need to choose the most comfortable shoes for running, and perform a test run.

If you are going to run frequently, you need a type of shoe that can cushion your footprint. Choosing shoes that are cushioned will help you lower the likelihood of injury, and you will also be able to gradually improve your running.

Although it is important to be guided by these two points:

1. If you’re not a regular runner, and you’re a beginner. You need to select shoes that are flexible and cushioned.
2. If you are fit and experienced. Select lighter shoes with less drop (height difference between heel and toe).

The footprint is another important point. Being a pronator, supinator or neutral runner is not the same.

Note: You should also take into account the surface where you are going to run, as there are different shoes for each of the surfaces.

How can I improve my jogging form?
To improve your jogging form you simply need to do specific training, which is aimed at improving your running form.

To do this you must do high-impact exercises, as this type of exercise will work the muscle intensely, making it wear out more.

Remember before this that you must first do a session and warm up and stretch. Since you are going to undergo an intense exercise.