Quality Shoes Fitting

Choosing the right footwear is good for your feet. It helps you feel comfortable hence you need to find the right measurement for your shoes. They are not only essential for good looks but it helps in taking care of your feet. If you happen to wear the wrong shoe size you might encounter feet problems that can extend to your ankles.

How do you know if your shoes fits properly?

Before you purchase any type of shoes you should ensure that it fits properly. The big question is how to know if it fits properly right? Well, it is important not to take get measurements before settling for any shoe size because it will help you in choosing the correct size. Knowing a properly fitting h shoe is simple once you have put it on you should feel snug on the midfoot and the heel. There should also be room for your feet to wiggle. Additionally, when you stand to check for proper width and length by pressing on the ball of your feet using your thumb. If it allows for approximately half the thumbs width then that is a good fitting shoe.

Should you be able to move your toes in shoes?

It is recommended to get shoes that allow some space for your feet to wiggle so that you don’t get feet problems such as blisters or damaged toenails. If you are not sure if your toes can move in the shoes use the thumb rule to help you get the right fitting.

New Zealand’s Craig Barrett in action, in the Mens 50km Walk Race, at the Commonwealth Games, Melbourne, Australia, Friday, March 24, 2006. Credit:NZPA/Wayne Drought

What are the best shoes for orthotics?

Orthotics are shoe inserts that are entirely user to correct feet problems to ensure the feet are properly aligned. They provide support to the feet. It can also be used with or without feet problems. Therefore, you need to look at some features such as deep toe box, removable footbed for a comfortable fit. The following are the best shoes for orthotics:

  • Alegria Women’s Paloma flat
  • ASICS men Gel venture 6 running shoes
  • Birkenstocks Boston suede clogs
  • Clarks women Janey

How much room should you have in a shoe?

The recommended space that should be left in the shoe is approximately a ¬ inch between the end of the front row and the longest toe. This is about the size of the index fingertip.

Should I buy loafers a size smaller?

It is advisable to purchase loafers which are half a size smaller than the normal shoes. If you are planning to wear them sockless then that is an appropriate specification. Personally, I usually purchase size 10 but for the case of my loafers, I purchased size 9.

Are shoes better tight or loose?

I recommend getting loose shoes than the tight ones because they are more comfortable and you are less likely to injure your feet. You can also use shoe inserts to make them fit better. Tight shoes might cause some blisters because your feet have no room to wiggle.

Well, having the right footwear is the ultimate choice that you have. This guide will help you to make a better choice.