Half Marathon

Why are half marathons better?
Since you will run fewer miles, you won’t feel the brutal need to run a long-distance that is required in a full marathon. You will also finish faster and move on to the other activities you need to do for the day. You will also feel great about your chances about finishing a half marathon instead of a full one. In this sport, confidence is everything. If you think you will be able to finish the entire thing in a short amount of time then you will do everything in your power to accomplish just that. Besides, nobody will be able to help you accomplish that mission than your will power.

What is the flattest marathon course?
You don’t have to look any further than the Chicago Marathon. The place has produced a ton of world records. A lot of people are going to be cheering you on but you will also be competing with a lot of other runners. Still, it would always feel great to be cheered by strangers. It would keep you motivated to do your best until the marathon is over. In fact, when the cheers get loud, you are going to wish the marathon would never end. This course would have a big impact in your life that you would want to join the next Chicago marathon. A lot of marathoners had their own personal bests while running this course. There is a reason why they would want to run the course over and over again. They love challenging themselves while burning a lot of calories in the process. Also, it would train them for other marathons in other places. It is certainly great exercise which means you will live longer.

How long does it take to go from couch to marathon?
It takes 6 months to do this as it won’t be advisable to speed up the process or else your body will suffer. You must do it little by little and join a ton of marathons along the way. It is alright if you don’t win the first marathons you join as it is all part of the road to becoming a victor. Almost each day would involve a cardio workout but don’t worry because it won’t take too much of your time. The important thing is being properly conditioned for the marathon. If you feel like you can do more than the 6 days a week training then you can ask your trainer. He will also give you the right food to eat. Yes, you must say goodbye to eating all that unhealthy carbs. It is all about the right portion for each meal. If you avoid fattening foods such as cookies, ice cream, and rice then that would be great. You must also eat the foods that will speed up your energy so you can accomplish your goal faster. Yes, it would take a long time to shake off that rust if you’ve been a couch potato for a long time. It is certainly not healthy to just sit on your couch and watch TV the entire day. Your body will become a magnet for diseases and it will only be a matter of time before you would need to go on a diet because you’ve noticed your waist has become bigger.

How does a beginner train for a marathon?
That would depend on the amount of exercise the beginner has been doing for the past few weeks. You must train for it by hiring a coach so you will know how much work you should put in in each workout session. The training marathon should be done at least every other day or it won’t have that much effect on your body. It also involves getting rid of bad habits such as drinking and smoking. These habits will make you gain weight and it will destroy your endurance. After all, it is important to have strong endurance in a marathon for the best result to come out. As excited as you are, it won’t take one day to train for a marathon. You will know when you are ready as you can practice running for several sprints until you think you are up to the challenge.